Training programme on Environment



A training programme on Environment in collaboration with Sony BBC was organized by Eco club on 09 January 2024 in the school premises. The program aimed at fostering environmental awareness among the students.

Value-based engagement unfolded through enlightening video content, elucidating various environmental facets. This was followed by an interactive quiz assessing participants’ comprehension of the showcased content, rewarding winners with exciting goodies.

The pinnacle of the event was a captivating live demonstration featuring a Do-It-Yourself Bonsai Activity. Students immersed themselves in the artistry of crafting miniature bonsai, learning practical techniques under expert guidance.

The amalgamation of felicitation, insightful video content, an engaging quiz, and a hands-on bonsai session enriched the event, leaving students inspired and equipped with newfound environmental perspectives. This comprehensive session served as a catalyst for fostering a deeper connection with nature while instilling valuable insights on environmental preservation.

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