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School Home Partnership

Partnership with parents plays a pivotal role in our mission to prepare our students for the future. The parents are constantly motivated to participate in their child’s progress and development through -

Parent-Teacher Meetings

Interactive Sessions

Workshops for Parents

Parent-Teacher Association

Orientation Programmes

Parent's Orientation

ORIENTATION PROGRAMME : An orientation day sets the tone for the year as Parents get acquainted with the school ethos, working and school’s expectations from them. The parents are invited to school for an orientation day programme. They get an opportunity to be addressed by experts in child psychology and elementary education. It helps to ease the anxious minds and be more adept with parenting skills through everyday examples.

Parent Interface

Stories are an important tool for students to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures. It is also a great way to make them better listeners and improve memory. Therefore it may be said that a story is a powerful tool in the hands of teachers and parents.

The school invites parents for a storytelling session which is very exciting for the children. Teachers guide the parents in choosing the story, using props which are simple but effective, suggest voice modulations and actions which would keep the children excited and attentive. The sessions thus have multiple benefits, the most important being the strengthening of the bond between the school, child and parent.

Parent-Teacher Association Members

Post Name of the Member Gender Child’s Name Class & Section
Chairperson Capt Richa Sharma Katyal(Retd.) Female    
Vice-Chairperson (Parent ) Sh.Manish Kumar Gupta Male Antheia Gupta X B
Vice-Chairperson (Teacher ) Dr. Preeti Jain Female    
Hony. Secretary (Parent) Smt.Sharon Samuel Ahmed Male Abdullah X A
Hony. Jt.Secretary (Parent) Sh.Rajeev Maikhuri Male Ananya Maikhuri IX C
Hony. Jt. Secretary (Teacher) Smt.Poonam Sharma Female    
Treasurer(Teacher) Sh.Vinod Nautiyal Male     
Members (Parent) Sh.Amit Gupta Male Pranjal Gupta X A
Sh.Shashi Bhushan Male Nishtha III A
Sh. Ranjit Nair Male Adhrit Nair II A
Smt.Shweta Sharma Female Krishnansh Sharma V A
Ms. Ahanthem Romita Female    
Ms.Renu Malhotra Female    
Ms. Shashi Kharbanda Female    
Ms.Indu Sikri Female