Name of Visitor Designation Remarks
Ms. C.Gurumurthy Director(Academic), CBSE Creativity at its best. Truly a wonderful concept that is at once educative and entertaining. The Principal and staff deserve to be congratulated.
Dr. DP Pattnayak Founder Director Central Institute of Indian Languages Excellent. Effecting. I wish there was a column on mother tongue education. Childhood education is said
to span from 0-8. It would be better to make it 0-6.
Ms. Shashi Kanta Sharma Sr. Research Scholar , IGNCA Decent at Rashtrapati Bhawan It’s a wonderful exhibition-displaying booth about the evolution of education at international scenario as well as school level. I t would have been better if you added ’caption’ below every picture which will help in easy identification of monuments. I wish all good luck to Salwan Public School.
Dr. Harsh Vardhan Former Minister of Health and Education, Delhi Government. It is beyond my vocabularies and linguistic abilities to describe this great work done by teachers and students of Salwan school in words. Keep doing it-my good wishes are always with you. I feel proud of the
teachers as well as students.
Mr.K.S. Mehra State Commissioner of Disability Happy to see mainstreaming taking place in the school. Please keep it up. It is a great service to its
Dr. Dilip Mathur Dean Medical College, Hyderabad Excellent. Principles should be good for adult learning as well. Sensitize people and spirituality, music, design and improving human thoughts.
Dr. Anita Ghosh President, All India Association of Sports for All I am delighted to be with my young friends and Salwan family members. I likes the event performed by the children is useful and will help at ship of the
children. I wish all a great success.
Mr. Kewal Kishan Dy. Commandant, CRPF Attended the independence celebration of the school. Principal and staff are very cordial and harm minus. I found the function par excellence. Keep it Up!
Mr. Rishi Pal IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police Visited the school on the occasion of holding of Volley Ball tournament. Really delighted to be here. Nice environment great ambiance and lots off to the staff and principal! An excellent team of educationists!
Keep it Up!
Ms. Preeti Monga Founder-Shiksha NGO It was an amazing experience to be at the sports meet of S.P.S. Thank you.
Mr. Raj Kumar Director, Delhi School of
No suggestions. Salwan group of schools are excellent.
Extra ordinary.
Mr. Pawan Kumar Secretary, DLSA(East) No suggestions. Great experience of interaction with school children. Thanks to Principal Ma’am and school management and staff,
Mr. Kuldeep Vats President, Delhi Olympic Association
Joint Secretary. Indian Olympic Association
Good arrangement by the organizations for this. CBSE Girls championship.
Ms. Maryline Laidin Attaché for cooperation,
French Embassy, New Delhi
Very good programme. Thanks to all the students and
Neha for their passion towards the French language.
Mrs. Shiela Dixit Honourable Chief Minister, Delhi. Children are not to be brushed aside and they can be teacher's themselves. It is the teacher whom children look up to and relate their imagination. Children need much more than three "R's" of reading, writing and arithmetic. Only we need to tap it and that the children have enormous creativity to express it. "100" is perhaps a wonderful way of saying it but they really have a 1000 languages more. It is an extra ordinary exhibition and I hope that all the 5000 schools in Delhi would benefit by visiting the exhibition.
Mr. C. R. Gharekhan President of I.G.N.C.A. The future of our country is in the hands of our children and exhibition like this are for sure bound to exhibit the creativity of children and probably will confine not only to elite schools of Delhi but will be open to all schools. "I hope Mr. Salwan will find ways and means to bring the masses to this wonderful and excellent work or take this piece of art to the entire country.
Ms. Marina Castanegetti Pedagogista, Reggio Children, Italy. Reggio teachers live in close relation with problems of life, because child is not separate from the life and child is in same world, so they have a lot of questions and queries to ask. Teacher is the part of the process .She is not outside the process .She stays close to children to discover possibilities.
Ms. Bindu Rana Director, Educomp Solutions Ltd., Gurgaon The need to celebrate diversity is important and India is a diverse land - it has distinct pursuits, different convictions and customs. To handle diversity in classroom, the teacher should understand the culture from where the child comes. Each case is different and unique. We have to reach out to them and hear them patiently.
Ms. Mirella Ruozzi (Atelierista) Reggio Children, Italy This exhibition by the children says that a child is to be taken care of and to be loved of. We seldom see the children's hands and brain are hampering the creativity of a child - that means we are robbing something from the entire human race.
Ms. Margo Hobba President, REIAE, Australia Reggio Emilia philosophy is constructed through ages of research. There is often a temptation to take this image and accept it as it is. I believe that people are true philosophers and never before have I thought of children in such a respectable manner".
Ms. Janet Roberston REIAE, Australia Reggio approach gives children and teachers freedom to think and express.
Ms. Renu Singh National Manager (Education), National Manager (Education) We as teachers should organize classroom structure and activities in variety of ways to promote interactions and emphasis on children sharing their experience and views in their own words, ways & action.
Ms. Vashima Goyal Consultant, Street II, Singapore When children and parents receive respect, they learn how to show respect. Once their sense of self esteem goes up, the desire to keep moving up is realized. Getting the exhibition to India - A hundred languages of children - was my dream - and congratulations to Mr. Inder Dutt to have initiated a process to make this day come true.
Dr. O.S Prem Ex-principal, Doon School, Dehradoon Children must be inoculated with "Values" right from their early childhood and taught the importance of "Guru- Shishya' relationship. The 'Guru' must possess the power to transmit that impulse and the 'Shishya' must also be fit to receive it. Only then the awakening will succeed.