Life Skills

The school has adopted WHO’s guidelines of ten core life skills, which are Self-awareness, Decision-making, Effective communication, Problem-solving, Empathy, Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Interpersonal relationship, Coping with stress and emotion. Based on the WHO list of ten skills, one skill for every month is decided and weekly classes are conducted through activities, role-plays, writing tasks, and discussions. Themes like Conflict Management, Bullying, Peer pressure, Time-management, and Stress-management, are also taken up in Life-skills classes.

Every Skill development focuses on the following parameters:

  • Application in daily life
  • Positive behaviour
  • Application to daily life

Assessment for Life Skills is done through performance in activities on a Five-point Grading system.

The school is working towards supporting the healthy development of students’ mindsets through Stem Education. The school follows an interdisciplinary approach of combining academic concepts with skill-based workshops, training programmes, seminars, interactive sessions, community outreach projects, and international exchange programmes.

Central Institute of Adult Education, a constituent unit of NCERT in school and college campuses focusing on critical life skills and vocational skills development.



I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

Excursions help the students to move beyond the classrooms. They lead to interaction amongst students and their peers. They also help to form life-long relationships and develop confidence in a safe environment.

Although in the current academic session, due to the ongoing pandemic, the students have not participated in any excursion but they have been exposed to the rich cultural diversity of Sikkim through various activities under the CBSE Art Integration Project.

Adventure Camps

Adventure Camps encapsulate activities that evoke engagement, excitement and exploration. The Day camps amalgamating fun-filled games and life skills based activities aim at developing skills, building capacities, strengthening leadership and team-spirit.

Environmental Initiatives

Salwan Public School consistently strives to groom responsible citizens through various national and international green initiatives, community outreach programmes, collaborative projects and awareness campaigns based on environmental protection and sustainability.

The school has received many accolades for its unwavering commitment towards environmental education; Green School Award from the Centre for Science and Environment (Paryavaran Mitra Award), Kids for Tigers Best School Award and TERI Project SEARCH Best School Award.

The school has undertaken the following projects:-

  • Paper Recycling Project – The school has also been associated with an NGO. The NGO collects the waste paper from the school and provides A4 reams in return.
  • The Solar Power System – The solar panels installed on the top of the school building have delivered benefits to the school in terms of relief from power cuts and contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Rain Water Harvesting – The school has taken an initiative to educate children about the dire need to preserve drinking water and to ensure adequate water supply for future generations.
  • The Beautification of Metro Pillars at several places in East Delhi– It is one of our most laudable projects. The Salwanians transformed the face of the city by creating ingenious murals to adorn the metro pillars.
  • Nearly two kilometres of the Ridge Road was adopted by the Salwan Education Trust and after a rigorous Cleanliness Drive, more than 2000 saplings were planted as part of our Go Green Campaign.

Health & Well-Being

Health and wellbeing are the fundamental preconditions for learning and development. Special assemblies, workshops and counselling sessions are planned around the year to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the students and the staff. Sports, Yoga and Aerobics clubs aim to reinforce students’ interest in fitness and mindful living. The school also has a qualified counsellor to support students who experience personal, behavioural, physical, or mental health challenges. An annual health check up by specialists from a certified hospital is a regular feature and a medical record of each and every child is maintained.

Circle time held at regular intervals helps the students develop healthy interactions, build confidence, and share their perspective without inhibitions. Students are supported to realize their full potential as learners and as healthy, productive members of the community.

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