Online session on “Unleashing the Power of Science-The Exciting Way”

Salwan Education Trust organized an online interactive session titled “Unleashing the Power of Science – The Exciting Way” for students of classes IV-X. Ten students actively participated on Zoom, while others tuned in via YouTube. Padam Shri (Dr.) Arvind Kumar Gupta, the eminent speaker, demonstrated activity-based models using everyday materials. His encouragement for students to create knowledge through designing toys highlighted the practical aspect of science education. The session emphasized that science and math concepts can be effectively taught through simple toys, offering a hands-on approach in contrast to textbook-centric learning. The session highlighted the importance of play and fun in learning, asserting that only through play can students truly discover. The initiative is commendable for bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, offering a more meaningful and enjoyable learning journey. Bringing such approaches into mainstream teaching would undoubtedly enhance the overall educational experience.




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