B.ED to B.EL.ED- Bridge Course

Name of the resource person: Smt. Sheetal Sethi Kapoor

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, a workshop titled ‘B.ED to B.EL.ED – bridge course’ was conducted. Ms. Sheetal Sethi Kapoor, the resource person, initiated the session by comparing B.ED and B.EL.ED. Beginning with a brief history of Mathematics, she introduced ELPS teaching methods.

Teachers were then organized into groups to engage in an interactive activity. Within these groups, leaders were designated, and specific topics were allocated for discussion. Notably, one group showcased a teaching strategy centered on Division, offering practical insights into effective pedagogical approaches. Throughout the workshop, there was a pronounced emphasis on infusing playfulness into the teaching of mathematics. This was exemplified by the engagement in a game of Ludo, serving as a medium to illustrate mathematical concepts in an interactive and enjoyable manner.

The culmination of the workshop was marked by the screening of an inspiring video. This visual narrative depicted a classroom environment characterized by empathy and comprehension, wherein students were nurtured without the burden of judgement. Overall, the workshop served as a platform for educators to explore innovative teaching methodologies, fostering a holistic approach to mathematics education.

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