We take great pride in being one of the few institutions that has many publications created by our experienced faculty. A lot of research has gone into the designing of child friendly books which keep the learners excited.


Magazines reflect the identity of the educational institutions through the writings of its students and teachers and is an integral part of the education system. When the little creative minds are pricked, they erupt like a volcano wherefrom flows the wonderful literary work. Each individual is an entity of immense potential and creativity which requires proper exploration and channelization by the school teachers. The school keeps publishing magazines on different topics to provide a platform for expression and creativity. It is always a great experience too, as it involves hands-on learning.


Calendars play an important role in our daily work to help us stay on task as well as be productive and prioritize. Theme based calendars are created every year. Creative inputs from students and staff find place and are showcased in the annual calendar. 


School newsletters have always been an essential part of communication between students, school, and parents. Besides being informative our school newsletters include entertaining and interactive sessions for students such as club details, various articles, artwork and messages by principal and faculty.


E-Newsletters are an enormous leap forward in a school’s efforts to demonstrate how effectively they communicate with the school community. In these COVID times, the medium has worked immeasurably to interconnect. Students expressed themselves creatively through the Poetry e-newsletter. Environmental concerns were raised by the faculty in the newsletter on environment during Covid times.

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Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi is a co-educational Senior Secondary School affiliated to CBSE.