A Sustainable Building

We are enduring the different ways to enhanced learning and sustainable future for healthy environment and green economy. We have taken up many projects for designing a sustainable school.


DesOur solar team comprising teachers and students from different classes visited several Institutions where solar plants were installed. The Solar Plant was successfully installed during January 2017. There are total 110 ten Canadian panels. Each panel has 72 cells. The plant has become a Hands-On Experience Unit for the students to explore how solar energy is converted into electrical energy and the energy saved is supplied to BSES via net metering.


Our school building is based on this design. The heat is trapped in the green belt, cooled and the cool breeze blows across the classroom in summers thus providing relief to the body.


Ventilation pre-heating is inexpensive and efficient way to use solar energy. A dead south facing wall, without windows stops direct sun to enter classrooms in our school. We are using solar energy to light up the classrooms and save electricity expenses. Initial cost is high but long term saving is tremendous….a boost for green technology.


We encourage our student to take care of the trees planted in campus for the conservation of renewable source of energy. Such a measure keeps the environment temperature cool and less taxing on electricity consumption.


CFL Lights are being used to reduce energy consumption.


Only a few schools in India enjoy the benefits of geo-exchange heating and cooling systems. This is one of the cleanest methods for clean energy sustainability.


We are using  occupancy sensors in class-rooms that regulates all electrical fittings based on the occupancy of the room, which will save expenses in the long run. School pathways are lit using Solar lights.


We are working on to tap wind energy for electric motors, for pumping water for irrigation. It is very expensive but we believe wind turbines will drive clean energy into our school one day.


Our classrooms and the laboratories need good acoustical treatment so that noise transmission is reduced. Pin-up boards and Venetian blind helps.


Our school use Rubber wood or re-cycled wood for classroom furniture which is eco-friendly. We also use ‘UV’ exterior paint that reflects heat upto 15% so that the classrooms are kept cool during summers.


We segregate bio-degradable / non-degradable material in separate bins which can then be re-cycled for paper. School has acquired a small compositing unit called Roly Poly in which bio degradable waste are converted into compose. Old timber and steel has been salvaged for re-construction purpose.


We encourage car pool, cycling to school and mass transportation system and neighborhood concept for admission.


The school building roof top is designed in such a way that the rain water drains and gets collected into an underground tank.  This water seeps under ground and helps to replenish ground water table.


Equipments Cross Trainer Double, Air Walker, Pull Chair Double, Chest Press Double, Rowing Machine, Triple Twister, Arm Wheel, Abdominal are available in School Gymnasium.

ICT Laboratories

State of Art ICT Laboratories for the primary, middle and senior levels help foster technological skills. Students design websites and create software programs in keeping with international requirements.


The school offers excellent coaching and provides students with ample opportunity to participate and excel at District, National & International level events and competitions. Outdoor sports at school include Football, Cricket, Basketball, Wall Climbing and Volleyball. Indoor sports include Table Tennis and Chess.

Music Room

Computers, Astronomy, Eco Club, MU, Theatre.

Performing Arts

Western Music, Indian Music, Instrumental Music – Drums, Guitar and Tabla, Clay Modelling, Photography, Art and Craft, Fine Arts.


The serene ambience of the library inspires a love for reading in the children. Information at the click of a fingertip invites the young users to delve into the magical world of words and the wealth of research material available. The school has three well equipped libraries, the Primary Wing Library, the Senior School Library. Interaction with eminent authors, book reviews and reading sessions are conducted regularly exposing students to good written and reading skills.

Science Laboratories

A scientific temperament is nurtured through fully equipped and suitably designed laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use the facilities for enhancing their innovative and scientific skills.

Conference Hall

The Multimedia Centre has sparked the imagination and creativity of the students producing outstanding art work, photography and documentaries at the centre.

Art Room

The splashes of colour reverberate with the diversity & vividness of Human Emotions in the Art Room at the Junior Level. Individual styles and techniques get honed and displayed at the Middle and Senior School level.

Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH)

Interactive white boards are used for classroom teaching and involve students to learn with technology. Notes, flowcharts, drawings and PPTs used in the course of teaching are saved, to be accessed as and when required. Students are actively involved in their learning through presentations made by them using the whiteboards.


‘Young India’ – Fit India is the health motto of Salwan Public School. The school clinic is equipped to take care of minor emergencies.

Smart Classrooms

We live in a digital world where computers are part of student’s daily lives. To be successful in this world, we need to allow students to use the technology so they can explore, discover, question, evaluate, create and communicate in the information age. With this belief we introduced Smart Technology in our classrooms.

The use of Smart Technology in classroom helps students in becoming more effective and critical users of this new age media, build their skills and encourage them to be creators and innovators. The use of computers in the classroom offers a variety of possible learning opportunities.

It helps teachers and students gather and record material, analyze collected data, evaluate options, collaborate with others, and present and communicate their findings. It also provides opportunity to gain a greater understanding of concepts that are taught and to share this understanding with others. Concepts that were theoretical till today are now been taught through visualizations which in turn lay a better impact on student’s mind. While using technology, students can frequently work at their own pace. Feedback is provided immediately as action occurs. They become involved.

Weather Station

Sports Room

Wall Climbing