Beyond Academics

Hands- on Approach

We have initiated a process through “Hands- On Approach Programmes” where our children are being groomed at an early age to become Automobile Engineers since we believe energy and Sustainable Development Programmes are “Key” to the future growth, our students will excel… and be winners.

Workshop/Professional Development Programme for Students

A workshop on chemistry of cosmetics was organised for class XI students under the Hands-on Training programme. In this workshop, students learnt the preparation of liquid hand wash, nail paint, chalks and cosmetic powder. Students prepared all these cosmetics under the supervision of an expert with great enthusiasm. Most of the chemicals required to prepare these cosmetics were available in the laboratory. The experience helped them to relate chemistry with everyday life and made them more curious about the subject.

Overhauling of Maruti 800

Our students overhauled a Maruti 800 engine and learnt about different parts of an engine i.e. intake valve, valve cover, intake port, head, oil pan, oil pump and how to fit together the same, what happens when an engine goes through the cycle, which comprises of intake stroke, compression stroke, ignition stroke and exhaust stroke. They also learnt what can go wrong with an engine e.g. bad fuel mix, lack of compression or lack of stroke, weak piston rings or faulty electrical regulator.

Overhauling of Scooty

The next project was to bring a Scooty back to life. The students learnt the basic mechanics of scooty, about the use of CDI( Capacitor Discharge Ignition), Starter, brakes and acceleration wires and got hands-on experience of cleaning the Petrol Tank.

Spiritual Development

Gurupurab - 8th November 2019

Salwan Education Trust reaffirms our commitment to the ideology of secularism. We have endeavoured to celebrate all faiths and beliefs. The idea of brotherhood is inextricably interwoven in the sacred teachings of all religions – a universal truth we wish to propagate through our celebrations. Taking forward this spirit, we celebrated Gurpurab, the Prakash Utsav of Sri Guru Nanak Dev in our school.

Workshop by Ven Kendro - 26th January 2016

On 23rd January 2016, Salwan Public School MV-III organized a workshop on ‘Peaceful living, happiness and Values of Humanism’. Ven. Sangye Khadro (Kathleen McDonald), a senior American nun practicing Buddhism, was the guest speaker for the day. She narrated her early childhood experiences that drew her towards Buddhism and directed her to embrace the chosen path for life. She expanded on the significance of two attributes- kindness and gratitude, to attain true happiness in one’s life.The talk was followed by a brief Meditation and a Question –Answer session.

Visit By Swami Shantatmananda, Secretary, Swami Ramakrishna Mission

One who dispels darkness is what the Guru connotates “Gu darkness Ru dispeller”. These were the words of Swamiji, “the awakened one”, who bestowed his blessings upon us at India International Centre, New Delhi. He enumerated the instances of Gurukul education where the guiding values are renunciation and service, ethics, morality and character building. He said, “Each soul is potentially divine”. We need to explore and discover that divinity within each child. In the hour of fear, discord, unrest, crisis and terrorism, he served as a harbinger of peace, concord, solace and harmony, a binding force to connect each other positively.

Spritual Gurus From Akshar Dham

Spiritual Gurus from Akshar Dham Temple visited our school to guide our students. They imparted valuable spiritual guidance to the students. They quoted examples from Mahabharata and Geeta and explained to the students the importance of meditation and dedication in their lives. The words of these gurus helped the students to develop a good concentration technique.

A Spiritual Address By His Holiness - Sri Lhakdor

The school was blessed with the presence of his holiness Sri Lhakdor, Director Library of Tibetan Works and Architecture, Dharamshala who interacted without senior students and enlightened them on how to work in coordination with head and heart. Emphasizing the importance of having a compassionate heart he stated that education becomes important only if it is supported by a strong sense of responsibility. A student should focus on things like – morality, mediation and wisdom.



Session With His Holiness - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The school had the honor of the beneficiate presence of his holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar amidst them. The program commenced with a welcome dance to bestow a token of respect and affection. It was followed by an enlightening interactive session in which the audience raised their queries about family bonding and values for which his holiness gave the true mantras of leading a successful life. Guruji emphasized breath as a subtle link between body and mind.


Rendezveous With "His Holiness"

Students of class IX of our school went for the 70th birthday celebration of ‘His Holiness’ The Dalai Lama at Dharamshala.

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