World Heritage Day

On the occasion of World Heritage Day Salwan Public School Mayur Vihar showcased a historical artwork at SPS Gurugram. The exhibits beautifully integrated art and heritage, showcasing the extraordinary work of the students under the adept guidance of the art department and heritage team. Followed by the expertise of Music department creating a soulful presentation Sung by the students developed a spiritual exploration Qawwali which created a same for the audience. The dialogue with the heritage team was enriching and informative. Ahana Salwan, representing Salwan Mayur Vihar, engaged with the panelists, captivating the audience with her speech. Mohd Saad’s Presentation on annual report of heritage club was particularly inspiring and highly appreciated by the chief guest and all. Program remained a success under the leadership and direction of our Principal, Salwan Mayur Vihar stood tall with pride.

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