SAFAL Training by CBSE

he Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently conducted training sessions on its new initiative, SAFAL (Student’s Assessment for Analyzing Learning Levels). SAFAL is an assessment program aimed at students in classes V and VIII, designed to evaluate their learning levels comprehensively.

The primary objective of SAFAL is to assess and analyze students’ learning levels effectively. By identifying areas of strength and weakness, SAFAL aims to facilitate targeted interventions to enhance learning outcomes. This initiative is aligned with CBSE’s commitment to promoting holistic education and ensuring the overall development of students.

During the training sessions, it was revealed that SAFAL will undergo a pilot phase in more than 10,000 schools across the country. This extensive pilot phase aims to gather valuable insights and feedback from a diverse range of educational institutions, allowing for refinement and improvement of the assessment framework.

Participants were briefed on the technical specifications of the SAFAL assessment platform. Additionally, potential challenges and troubleshooting methods were discussed to ensure smooth conduct of the assessment process. Emphasis was placed on addressing technical issues promptly to minimize disruptions during the examination.

School administrators were informed that participation in SAFAL necessitates the signing of a confidentiality agreement. This agreement underscores the importance of maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the assessment process, thereby ensuring fairness and transparency.

The training sessions provided detailed insights into the examination process, including the steps involved and the roles of various stakeholders. Participants were acquainted with the logistics of conducting the examination, from registration to result declaration. Prior to the official SAFAL assessment in July, mock examinations will be conducted to familiarize students and educators with the examination format and procedures. 

Overall, this session provided valuable insights and guidance to schools participating in this initiative. 

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