Summer Camp

Classes Involved: I and II

The summer camp for classes I and II was a great success, providing a perfect blend of creativity, physical activities, and fun-filled learning experiences. Each day was well-planned to ensure the students’ overall development, making it an enriching and enjoyable experience for all.

Day 1:  The summer camp began with a cheerful Happiness Song. Students then engaged in a creative “Best out of Waste” activity, making butterfly pen stands from recyclables. The day ended with an English Song session, boosting their language skills and fun.

Day 2: Day two started with a lively aerobics session to promote fitness. Students then crafted clay fruits, showcasing their artistic skills. The day ended with fun brain gym exercises.

Day 3: Students participated in a recreational “Dance and Freeze” activity that was both entertaining and physically engaging, followed by a hands-on session making mango crackers without fire. The day ended with laughter yoga, leaving everyone in high spirits.

Day 4: The fourth day started with a calming meditation session, helping students relax and focus. This was followed by a flower vase painting activity where students expressed their creativity. Another session of aerobics kept the children active and energized.

Day 5: The final day of the camp featured a Hindi Song session, enriching the students  cultural and linguistic knowledge. The camp concluded with a movie show, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment, bringing the fun-filled week to a satisfying close.

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