Capacity building programs for the teachers teaching ‘INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY’ (Sub. Code – 402) as a Skill Subject

The CBSE’s Department of Skill Education organized a training program for teachers teaching Information Technology (Sub. Code – 402) as a Skill Subject in CBSE-affiliated schools across India. The training aimed to enhance educators’ proficiency in delivering IT education effectively. In the online inauguration of the session, Sh. Vishwjeet Saha, Director of Skill and Training at CBSE, welcomed all the teachers and emphasized the importance of skill subjects in NCERF.

Smt. Neelima Goyal, TGT Computer Science, and Smt. Neeta Bansal, PRT Computer Science, attended the session held at designated venues in Shri Ram Universal School, Bhopura, Ghaziabad. Attendance at the training was mandatory for teachers instructing Information Technology as a Skill Subject, ensuring alignment with CBSE guidelines and fostering standardization in IT education across affiliated schools.


Resource Persons, including Smt. Divya Bharti Chaudhary, PGT Computer Science at DAV Public School Mausam Vihar and Smt. Sakshi Verma, PGT Computer Science at Army Public School Roorkee, covered diverse aspects of Information Technology, including curriculum updates, teaching methodologies, and incorporating practical applications into classroom instruction.

The initiative aimed to empower teachers with updated knowledge and pedagogical techniques, equipping them to nurture students’ IT skills effectively. Additionally, it promoted networking among educators and facilitated the exchange of best practices.

Overall, the training program reflected CBSE’s commitment to enhancing the quality of IT education in affiliated schools and fostering professional development among educators.

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