School’s Alumni Partnership Program

As part of the school’s Alumni Partnership Program, Mr. Kushagra (alumnus of batch 2020-2021) and his colleague Mr. Harshit conducted an enlightening session on ADR, emphasizing its efficiency in resolving cases swiftly. The speakers specifically highlighted mediation and negotiation as key components of ADR and explored ways for students to integrate these principles into their classrooms for proactive conflict resolution.

The speakers drew inspiration from the Mahabharata, showcasing Lord Krishna’s mediation to prevent war. This historical example underscored the roots of peaceful conflict resolution, demonstrating the timelessness of ADR principles. The session delved into religious perspectives on dispute resolution, illustrating how diverse faiths advocate for harmony. Mr. Kushagra and his colleague encouraged students to view ADR not only as a practical tool but also as a value embedded in cultural and religious teachings.

Ms. Bhawna Puri, Vice Principal,  expressed her gratitude to the speakers for their insightful session on ADR. Recognizing the significant contribution to students’ understanding of mediation and negotiation, she presented them with certificates as a token of appreciation.

The certificates symbolized the school’s commitment to recognizing and encouraging informative sessions that enhance students’ knowledge and life skills. The event concluded on a positive note and stood as a testament to the enduring connection between the school’s past and the present, emphasising the alumni’s vital role in shaping the holistic development of the school community.

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