“Day Camp”


222 students from classes IX to XI had their day camp at Climb Up, sector 134, Noida on 28 December 2023. The camp featured an array of activities such as Zip Line, Tug of War, Rock Climbing and much more, enhancing students’ well-rounded experiences. Through the various team sports and interactive physical games, students not only had fun, but also developed teamwork skills. The day camp also beautifully embraced the rustic charm with delightful tractor and camel rides, immersing participants in the essence of rural adventure. Remarkably, two visually impaired students had also enthusiastically joined in the fun activities and made the most of the day.

Amidst the thrilling activities, the culinary experience added further delight to the day. Children enjoyed the mouthwatering snacks, which added to their overall experience. The positive feedback from the students echoed the success of the day camp, underscoring the significance of fostering joyful learning that is inclusive and wholistic.


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