Tie and Dye Activity

Salwan Public School, in association with Hindustan Times and Pidilite India, organized a Tie-Dye workshop on Friday, 10 May  2024, for students from classes III to V during school hours who are subscribed to the newspaper HT PACE. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from students who eagerly engaged in creating vibrant colour patterns using fabric colour. Guided by skilled instructor from Pidilite India, students enthusiastically explored various techniques, such as dipping, twisting, and tying fabrics, to craft mesmerizing patterns reflecting their individuality.

The classroom ambiance buzzed with laughter and excitement as students unveiled their unique creations, each a testament to their creativity and personality. Beyond fostering imagination, the workshop instilled valuable lessons in patience, experimentation, and embracing imperfection. As students proudly showcased their artwork, it was evident that the experience had profoundly impacted their young minds, sparking a curiosity to further explore art and self-expression.

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