“Step into Sensation: A Journey for the Senses!” #Kindergarten #littleexplorers

The teachers gathered the students in a designated area of the playground and explained the purpose of the sensory walk. They encouraged the students to use their senses of touch, sight, hearing, and smell to explore the environment. The teachers divided the students into small groups and accompanied them to different sensory stations. They guided the students through the activities, encouraging them to interact with the environment and describe their experiences. At each sensory station, the students were encouraged to actively engage their senses. They were asked to touch different textures, identify different smells, listen to nature sounds, and observe colours and shapes. After completing the sensory walk, the students gathered to reflect on their experiences. They shared their observations and discussed what they had learned during the walk. 

The sensory walk in the pre-primary department was a valuable learning experience for the students. It provided them with an opportunity to explore their senses in a natural environment and learn about the world around them. Such sensory activities are essential for the holistic development of young children and should be incorporated into the curriculum regularly.

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