Social Etiquette

The ‘Social Etiquette’ workshop, held in our school in collaboration with HT Pace on 05 February, 2024, was a valuable experience for students in classes III to IX. Led by Shri Lucky Puchharat, the session emphasized the importance of good behavior and manners, both within and beyond the school environment.

During the workshop, Shri Puchharat shared real-life examples and insights from his own experiences, creating an engaging learning atmosphere. He also highlighted the contributions of other researchers in the field of social etiquette. 

The workshop was structured around social etiquette encompasses respect, punctuality, effective communication, table manners, dress code adherence, gratitude, personal hygiene, respecting personal space, apologizing, forgiving, and cultural sensitivity. Students gained valuable insights into how social etiquette contributes to personal and social development. Overall, it was an enriching experience that left a       positive impact on the students.


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