“Sarjana”, an international painting camp was organized by the Department of Visual Arts of Poornima University, Jaipur in association with Jaipur Art Summit. The camp was a week long from 22nd to 27th August, 2022. In this camp total 50 participants painted in their own style. Among them 20 artists were invited and rest of the participants were students of several universities. The participants were given canvas and colours and they were asked to paint as per their own creativity. All the artists painted at least one canvas and some of the artists painted more than one canvas also. The camp was chaired by Mr. Bijay Biswaal, an eminent artist from Nagpur. He painted one canvas and demonstrated two water colour paintings. Being an invited artist in the camp, Mr. Souherdyo Das-PGT Painting also painted a canvas. The name of the painting is “Par-APAR”. Other artists were from South Korea, Nepal, Gwalior, Jaipur, Bhopal and Kolkata. All the paintings are taken by the university and copyright was filled by all the artist. Artist were felicitated with a certificate and a memento. This kind of camp gives opportunity to an artist to explore the art world and to get exposure as well. All artists gathered together and shared their thoughts altogether. It was a very nice experience to collaborate with so many artists from several provinces.

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