“Rendezvous with Self: Puberty Workshop”


The “Rendezvous with Self: Puberty Workshop” was conducted for students of grades V to VII by Ms. Ankita Sukhwal from Unicharm. Separate session for boys and girls were conducted on 30 January for class V and 06 February 2024 for classes VI and VII. The sessions aimed to help children understand and cope with the physical and emotional changes of puberty, addressing their curiosity and concerns about growing up. Topics covered included body positivity, human physiology, puberty versus adolescence, the reproductive system’s function, physical and emotional changes specific to boys and girls, changing interpersonal relationships, self-care during puberty, safe touch versus unsafe touch versus unwanted

The session  about menstrual hygiene entailed a comprehensive understanding on the what, why and how of menstruation comprising its meaning, developing a biological understanding, discussion on social taboos and most importantly, awareness of hygiene practices to be maintained during menstrual cycle. This endeavour by the school helped the girls to develop a better awareness of themselves and remove their inhibitions.

The students found the workshop engaging and informative. The Q and A session was very effective and students came out with many queries.


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