Online Training on Sports and Physical Education

A landmark conference was jointly organised by SPEFL-SC (Sports, Physical Education, Fitness, and Leisure Skills Council) and CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) on Thursday, May 09. The conference emphasised the important relationship between sports and education. Renowned personalities from the fields of sports and education came together to impart invaluable knowledge and actionable strategies at a special gathering specially designed for school leaders. The program showcased how sports can significantly contribute to the overall development of students, including physical fitness, mental resilience, teamwork, and leadership skills. This highlighted the importance of integrating sports into the educational curriculum for an all-round learning experience

Mr. Gaurav Bidhuri: Elite Boxer, Grand Prix 2017, Gold Medal; President’s Cup, Indonesia 2019, Silver; World Boxing Championship 2017, Bronze.

Dr. Kiran Bedi: First Woman IPS, Former Tennis Player, Former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Author, Social Activist.

Dr. Biswajit Saha: Director CBSE (Trainings & Skill Education).

Dr. G L Khanna: Pro Vice Chancellor MRIIS Faridabad, NAAC A++ University. Former Project Director (IISSR). Member Prime Minister Olympics Task Force 2024, 2028.

Ms. Gita Krishna Raj: National Head PEPS Program (SPEFL-SC).

Mr. Neeraj Jain: President – SPEFL-SC.

Mr. Tahsin Zahid: CEO-SPEFL-SC.

Mr. Kshitij Patil: Vice President Dani Sports Foundation.

The collaborative efforts of SPEFL-SC and CBSE in this transformative conference empowered principals to adopt sports as an integral part of education, equipping them with insights and tools to lead their schools towards a future that, where every student will develop physically, academically and emotionally. The event highlighted the transformative power of sport in shaping not only physical fitness but also mental resilience and character development.


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