National Day of France 14 July 2022

French Department celebrated French National Day, better known as Bastille Day in the school premises on 14 July,2022 with great grandeur and festive fervour. The students showcased the iconic monuments and traditional festivals of France displaying its rich cultural heritage.

French food activity was the centre of attraction and a perfect treat for one and all where they got an opportunity to taste the real authentic flavour of French cuisine. Alongwith the breads, cakes, drinks, desserts there were many other scrumptious delicacies. The students laid down the table with sumptuous four course french meal including   Petit- dejeuner, Dejeuner, gouter et le diner. The other highlights to marvel at were Live music, games , tattoo making, all in the french way….

Overall, it was an enriching experience for students. The students were appreciated  by one and all.

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