Mother’s Day Celebration


“A mother’s love is like no other, it knows no boundaries and lasts a lifetime.”

Salwan Public School’s celebrated Mother’s Day on Friday, 10 May 2024. It was a heartfelt tribute to the bond between mothers and their kids. The event was filled with heartfelt moments, captivating performances, and exciting activities. 

Tiny tots chanted Gayatri Mantra paying tribute to the Goddess of Knowledge, and it was enchanting. 

Capt. Richa Sharma Katyal, Pricipal SPSMV, addressed the gathering, setting the tone for the event and expressing sincere gratitude towards all the mothers in attendance. 

Students welcomed their mothers with a beautiful dance. Additionally, little stars of KG class took the stage and sang special songs dedicated to their beloved mothers. It was an incredibly heartwarming sight as these young ones poured their hearts out through their sweet voices.   

A traditional dance event was also organized where mothers and kids joined forces to showcase their moves together. It was a joyful celebration of our rich culture and the bond between mothers and children. 

There were some activities planned for the mothers and their children to enjoy together.  MasterChef cooking session was there, where moms and kids teamed up to create delicious dishes, showcasing their culinary skills. Another activity, Rangoli making, allowed moms and kids to showcase their artistic talents by creating vibrant designs using colorful powders and flower petals. The event also included a creative art session, where moms and kids let their imaginations work, making unique crafts, paintings, and other artistic creations.

Mrs. Sheetal Kapoor, the Headmistress, expressed deep gratitude for the love and presence of the mothers. Her words served as a beautiful conclusion to the event, leaving a lasting impression on everyone’s hearts.

As a token of appreciation, a heartfelt souvenir was presented to each mother in the form of a postcard adorned with their child’s handprint. 

It was a day of joy, appreciation, and gratitude, honouring the incredible role that mothers play in our lives.


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