Heritage Week Celebrations

World Heritage Day is a momentous occasion to celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and historical landmarks that define our global heritage. This year, the school embarked on a journey to explore and commemorate some of the world’s most iconic heritage sites and cultural practices.

Virtual Tour of the Taj Mahal:

Our virtual tour of the Taj Mahal transported the students of Classes IV and V to the banks of the Yamuna River in Agra, India. Through immersive technology, students marveled at the intricate marble architecture, lush gardens, and poignant love story behind this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Heritage Poster:

To encapsulate the essence of World Heritage Day, students of Classes VIII and IX collaborated to create a vibrant heritage poster. The poster showcased iconic landmarks from around the world, symbolizing unity in diversity.

Sikkim Tribal Mask Making:

In honor of indigenous cultures, students of Classes VI and VII engaged in the art of Sikkim tribal mask making. Through hands-on activities, students explored various techniques and designs, gaining a deeper understanding of Sikkim’s rich cultural heritage.

Traditional Dress-Up:Draped in colorful garments and adorned with traditional accessories, students of Class III embraced the beauty of cultural diversity through dress-up activities. From saris to kurta pajamas, each ensemble reflected the unique identity of different cultures of India. Through this interactive experience, students celebrated the myriad of customs and traditions that define our heritage.

Culinary Diversity:

Food is an integral part of cultural identity, and our culinary diversity station allowed students of Class IV to savor flavors from around the country. Students indulged in a feast of cultural delicacies, learning about the ingredients, cooking methods, and culinary traditions associated with each dish.

Heritage Brochure:

To spread awareness and foster appreciation for world heritage, students of Classes VIII-X crafted a heritage brochure. Filled with captivating images, historical anecdotes, and

preservation efforts, the brochure served as a guide to understanding and safeguarding our cultural legacy.

Heritage Pledge:

As stewards of our cultural heritage, students of Classes III-XII took a solemn pledge to protect and preserve our shared legacy. With hand over heart, they vowed to honor the past, cherish the present, and safeguard the future of our world’s cultural treasures. This pledge served as a reminder of our collective responsibility to safeguard our heritage for generations to come.




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