Desh Aur Hum Orientation

On 7th July, the National Academy of Direct Taxes organized the Desh Aur Hum 2.0 Orientation at Mount Carmel School, Anand Niketan, New Delhi. The purpose of the event was to provide an overview of the Desh Aur Hum 2.0 program and guide the event coordinators from participant schools about the rules and regulations of the upcoming events. The event was attended by Capt. Richa Sharma Katyal (Retd.), Principal, event coordinator (Ms. Ravneet Kaur, PGT Economics) and 2 students (Harshal Jassal, S. Radhika) from class XI.

The event commenced with a soulful prayer performed by the choir group of Mount Carmel School, creating a serene and welcoming ambiance for the attendees. The event coordinators introduced the esteemed chief guests – Shri Madhukar Bhagat (ADG, NADT RC Delhi), Shri Sandip Kumar Mishra (DIT Trg. NADT RC Delhi), Smt. Seema Dhankar (NADT RC Delhi), Shri Rajesh Singh Rawat (AADIT (Hqts) NADT, RC Delhi) and Shri Sushil Dutt Salwan (Chairman Salwan Education Trust).

The event proceeded with a speech delivered by Shri Sushil Dutt Salwan who talked about the significance of tax payment and its role in fostering national development. Further, he extended an appreciation to NADT team for introducing the event and enlightening the young generation how to be a part of the nation. Desh aur Hum in itself summarises the notion that we are the nation and the nation represents each one of us.

A video on Income Tax Department was shown which explained how the tax is collected and reflected the tax collection data. The video emphasized the efforts undertaken by the Income Tax Department to establish a taxpayer-centric system, incorporating various measures such as Aaykar Setu, litigation management system, CPC 2.0, pre-filled returns, annual information system, ITR-U, and other initiatives.

Shri Madhukar Bhagat in his address to the audience talked about NADT’s vision which is to partner in the nation building process through progressive tax policy, efficient and effective administration and improved voluntary compliance. He further shared his views regarding education emphasizing that education is complete when it gives opportunity to think and brings out the creative side of the students. Further, he talked about how a good governance comprises of human resource and financial resource a huge portion of which comes from the tax collection.

The rules and guidelines of Desh aur Hum 2.0 events were shared with the audience. The event concluded with an interactive Question and Answer round where Shri Madhukar Bhagat addressed the concerns of the audience and inquiries that people had in regard to tax system. Smt. Neera Emmanuel (Principal, Mount Carmel School) gave a vote of thanks to the chief guests and the attendees. The event was a success which helped in imparting valuable insights into the tax system, and developing a sense of responsibility towards the nation among the audience.


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