Cyber Safety Workshop & Digital Footprints

A workshop on Cyber Safety and Digital Footprints was conducted for students of classes IX and X,  by the Sh. H. S. Randhawa, ACP Delhi Police, Cyber Crime Branch. The workshop aimed to educate students on the importance of cyber safety, navigating social media responsibly, recognizing types of cyber crimes, and understanding why schools are often targeted. 

The workshop commenced with an introduction to cyber safety, emphasizing the importance of being cautious and vigilant while navigating the digital realm. Students were made aware of the potential risks associated with online activities and the importance of safeguarding personal information.

A significant portion of the workshop was dedicated to discussing social media platforms and their impact on individuals’ digital footprints. Students were educated on the potential consequences of sharing personal information online and were encouraged to exercise caution while interacting on social media platforms.

Practical tips and strategies for staying safe online were shared during the workshop. Topics included creating strong passwords, recognizing phishing attempts, and being wary of sharing sensitive information with strangers online. Students were empowered with knowledge on how to protect themselves from various online threats.

The workshop also covered different types of cyber crimes prevalent in today’s digital landscape. Students were educated on cyberbullying, identity theft, phishing scams, and other forms of online fraud. By understanding the nature of these crimes, students were better equipped to identify and report suspicious activities online.

To conclude the session, Director Sir, Principal Ma’am, Sh. Randhawa felicitated five students i.e Md. Saad, Raghav Garg, Vaibhav Singh, Kushagra Gupta and Arjun Dixit, who were Delhi Police Cyber Warriors in session 2023-2024. They also conducted an activity and selected 10 more students as Cyber Warriors 2024-2025.

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