Creative Writing Session-Parent Partnership Program

On November 3, 2022, a workshop on Creative Writing was held as part of the Parent Partnership Program. Classes III and IV students attended the session.

Creative Writing, a form of artistic expression, draws on the imagination to convey meaning through the use of imagery, narrative, and drama.  Ms. Supriti Garg M/o Yuven Garg of II-B was the speaker of the day. Ms. Ritu Bajaj welcomed the resource person and briefly discussed her accomplishments. She began the session by narrating a fun story of two siblings, one of whom often uses a mobile phone while the other enjoys reading.  She stressed on the value of reading. She stated that using a mobile phone excessively impairs thinking.  She added that “Using Mobile phone Endlessly, will make you act Mindlessly!” She emphasised the importance of employing adjectives while writing stories since they make your work more impressive. She further explained the structure of the composition in detail. It builds listening skills, comprehension, creative thinking, and vocabulary enrichment. It was an enriching session which was enjoyed by the students .The students engaged the speaker well and asked insightful questions. We will be delighted to hold more such sessions in future. These programs help in building a strong relationship between parents and teachers which will eventually result in the overall development of the child.

Our honourable officiating Principal Ma’am, Ms. Bhawna Puri, felicitated the guest and rendered a vote of thanks. She admired the parents’ and teachers’ efforts and hoped to see more initiatives in near future.

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