Constitution Defines Democracy

On 02 November, 2023, XI-D held its assembly on the theme “The Constitution Defines Democracy.” The day commenced with the recitation of the Gayatri Mantra and a prayer, setting the tone for a thoughtful session. A thought for the day was shared, encouraging students to reflect on the significance of law and order in ensuring the smooth operation of any system. Following this, students provided a news update on current events, both nationally and internationally.

The assembly featured a dynamic talk show that delved into the concept of equal and equitable justice within a democratic state. A special ceremony recognized the ASN G20 Consolation Prize winners through a prize distribution segment. In alignment with the ongoing Vigilance Awareness Week 2023, participants took an ‘Integrity Pledge,’ underscoring their commitment to actively combat corruption and uphold the highest living standards.

The school Principal then shared her insights on the importance of shunning unjust practices and outlined how individuals can contribute to ensuring the nation follows the path of true integrity.

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