Collaborative Celebration of World Heritage Day

Chief Guest: Mr Madan Sawhney a Freelancer Educational Motivator, CBSE Master Trainer and Ms Leher Zaidi Author, an Epidemiologist and freelance journalist, Member of Sanjhi Virasat.

Heritage club Students and Art, Music, Social Science teachers – Salwan public School Mayur Vihar

The commemorative event held on April 18, 2024, at Salwan Public School (SPS) Gurugram, in collaboration with its sister schools, stands out as a grand event of celebration and appreciation for cultural heritage on World Heritage Day. Through a diverse array of artistic expressions and engaging discussions, the event encapsulated the essence of cultural richness and historical significance. 

 The focal point of the occasion was an art exhibition featuring meticulously crafted historical artworks created by students. Under the careful guidance of the art department and heritage team, these exhibits seamlessly integrated artistic prowess with cultural heritage.  From ancient artifacts to clay tablets and sketches of iconic Shere Mandal sculptures, each piece offered a captivating glimpse into India’s diverse cultural legacy. Guests were taken on a journey through time, experiencing the richness and depth of the country’s historical story. Adding a soul-stirring dimension to the celebration was the musical presentation, particularly the mesmerizing Qawwali performance. Through spiritual themes and soulful melodies, the students captivated the audience, fostering a contemplative atmosphere where the essence of cultural heritage resonated deeply with all present.

Moreover, the dialogue sessions facilitated by the heritage team provided invaluable insights into the significance of preserving and promoting cultural heritage. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of safeguarding our shared heritage for future generations. Ahana Salwan and Mohd Saad’s notable contributions further enriched these conversations, elevating the discourse with their insightful perspectives and inspiring presentations. In essence, the event served as a holistic celebration of cultural heritage, weaving together art, music, and dialogue to create an immersive and enlightening experience for all participants. By fostering a deeper appreciation for cultural heritage, the event not only honored the past but also laid the foundation for a more informed and culturally enriched future.

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