Chandrayan Utsav

A Speech Competition was held for class X students as a part of Chandrayan Utsav. On November 8, 2023.The theme of the competition was ‘Shiv Shakti’. The competition aimed to celebrate and discuss the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3 and the significance of naming the lunar landing site as ‘Shiv Shakti.’ The students delivered their thoughtful speeches on the topic “चंद्रयान3 लैंडिंग स्थल कोशिव शक्तिकहा गया, चंद्रमा पर शिव शक्ति बिंदु क्या है?”

The students shared their thoughts on the remarkable achievement of Chandrayaan-3 and its importance in India’s space exploration journey. They also discussed the reasons behind naming the lunar landing site ‘Shiv Shakti. ‘The speeches were not only informative, but also inspiring. Students highlighted the scientific achievements of the mission, such as landing on the moon’s south pole and conducting experiments to explore lunar resources and conditions. They also discussed the cultural and symbolic aspects of naming the landing site as ‘Shiv Shakti’ and its connection to the Hindu mythology and heritage.


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