Baisakhi Celebrations

The vibrant festival of Baisakhi was celebrated in Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar, on 13th April 2023 to imbibe in our children the values and ethos of every culture and community and to make them aware of the spring harvest festival in all its essence. Well-planned activities to acquaint the students with this harvest festival were conducted at all levels. The activities were consciously designed to nurture the students’ curiosity about Baisakhi and stimulate their creative skills in gaiety. The school premises wore a festive look with the compound decorated with items depicting the heritage of Punjab.

The students were welcomed with the beats of dhol, which brought vibrancy to the environment. The students of Preschool 1 and 2 came dressed in traditional attire to mark the occasion and carried back home memories in the form of self-made craft. They made impressions of the maize plant through finger painting. Students of classes I and II were clad in traditional Punjabi outfits that added to the feel of the festive occasion.

They were told about the various aspects of this harvest festival and participated in a kite making activity. Together with their teachers, they matched steps to the vigorous rhythms that are customary at this time.

Students of classes III – V were shown an audio-visual clip related to the significance of Baisakhi and highlighting the establishment of Khalsa Panth in Punjab. They composed drawings on the theme incorporating the colours associated with the festival. Students of classes VI-VIII dabbled with the colours of Baisakhi and joyfully expressed their creativity. A special assembly was arranged for the students of classes IX-XII, wherein they were told about the significance of Baisakhi and the various ways by which people celebrate this great harvesting festival all over India.

Finally, the drummers went to the Primary as well as the Senior Wing and the students danced to the tunes of bhangra.

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