“ Dialouge on Peace and Enviornment”

On June 14, 2024, the American Center, US Embassy New Delhi, and Tears of the Earth hosted the fifth Young Changemakers Dialogue (YCD) under the theme “Bridging Peace and Environment.” This event brought together students and faculty from various schools to delve into issues of peace and environmental sustainability. Participants engaged in robust discussions on critical topics such as pollution, climate change, and habitat destruction, fostering a collaborative environment for idea exchange.

Attendees formulated action plans aimed at promoting environmental conservation and peace-building within their respective communities. The concept of “social E = mc²” was a focal point, encouraging participants to think creatively about the interplay between social change, energy, and mass.

The dialogue underscored the significance of international cooperation in tackling global challenges and highlighted the role of young changemakers as catalysts for positive environmental and social transformation.

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