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Commemoration of 70th Anniversary of Independence and 75th Anniversary of Quit India Movement

Commemoration of 70th Anniversary of Independence and 75th Anniversary of Quit India Movement


MEMORIES OF AN AMAZING OUTING A competition on ' Memories of Amazing Outing' was arranged on 10th July' 2017 in Early Childhood Department wherein children shared their experiences of travelling with their family during summer vacation. They proudly shared their photographs and narrated their experiences of various places they visited during vacation. ‘Memories of an amazing outing’ was an informative and delightful event for the children.


SHOW AND TELL COMPETITION Show and Tell competition on ‘Seasons’ was organized on 21st July’17 for early childhood children with an aim to improve their oral skills and build confidence . Children talked about vegetables, fruits, clothes and objects related to their favourite season. Through this activity they not only improved their knowledge but enhanced their vocabulary.


SALWAN MODEL UNITED NATIONS The Social Science Department of Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar organized its very first edition of Model United Nations (SAMUN'17) at the institute level that provided a platform to students for debating international affairs, public speaking and critical thinking on August 18 and 19, 2017. SAMUN brought together over 150 students from all various schools across Delhi who were allocated different countries and parties for the participation in the deliberation. There were three committees: the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) discussing Combating Asymmetrical warfare of non-state actors with special reference to cyber capabilities; United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) deliberating on Protection of Human Rights in Armed Conflicts with special emphasis on Autonomous Warfare; and All India Political Party Meet (AIPPM) discussing on the need for urban land reforms with respect to Benami transactions (prohibition) Amendment Act, 2016 and Benami property (Prohibition) Act, 1988.
CLOSING CEREMONY/CHIEF GUEST Our Chief Guest, Mr. Nitin Tyagi, a member of Aam Aadmi Political Party representing the Laxmi Nagar Constituency, said that MUN's are a huge platforms for students to debate and discuss world affairs and pressed on the importance and promotion of youth parliaments across schools and colleges. It was indeed a real learning experience as besides being aware of the crisis prevailing at national and international levels, they brought in solutions, improved their communicative skills and made them more confident.


VAN MAHOTSAV 2017 A workshop on seed bank and plantation was organized by the Environment Club of our institution in the school and the adjoining Smriti Van. The resource person, Mr. Jacob from 'WE PLANT (NGO) gave a presentation on the importance of planting fruit seeds to solve the problem of malnutrition and poverty. Students also expressed their opinions on how trees offer energy-saving shade that reduces global warming and creates habitat for thousands of different species. He encouraged students to plant seeds of amaltas, neem, mango and berries. The students planted fruit seeds/saplings in the school and the Smriti Van and took a pledge to take care of these plants.


To beat the heat and enjoy the summer season ‘Early Childhood Department’organized a summer carnival for Nursery and K.G. children. On the first day, they brought summer fruits and shared their feelings on their favourite summer fruits. Thereafter they enjoyed making and eating sumptuous ‘fruit chaat’ along with their friends. To add to the mood and fervour, the next day, the children prepared lemonade to chill out in the summer. They learnt the process of making lemonade and enjoyed their drink. They also came in their best summer attire. Summer King and Summer Queen were selected from each section of Nursery and K.G classes.

Mother’s Day Celebration

Children of the ‘Early Childhood Department’ celebrated Mother's Day on May12, 2017 to show their respect and gratitude towards their mothers. On this occasion, children shared the lovely moments spent with their mothers and designed a card for them as a token of love and care.

Summer Art Camp Photographs

In Salwan Public School, we celebrated Mother’s day by conducting a greeting card making session with the children. Children expressed their love for their mother with the help of colors and their creative skills. We also sung a poem on mother and watched an interesting movie on the occasion. Children were asked to treat their mothers’ nice on ‘mother’s day’ and help them in the household chores.

Workshop/Professional Development Programme for Students

Mother’s Day

In Salwan Public School, we celebrated Mother’s day by conducting a greeting card making session with the children. Children expressed their love for their mother with the help of colors and their creative skills. We also sung a poem on mother and watched an interesting movie on the occasion. Children were asked to treat their mothers’ nice on ‘mother’s day’ and help them in the household chores.

Workshop/Professional Development Programme for Students

English calligraphy competition

English Calligraphy competition was conducted for students of classes I and II to know their caliber. This competition gave an opportunity to the students to hone their skills and excel in different inter school and intra school calligraphy competitions which will come ahead.

Workshop/Professional Development Programme for Students

Movie- Jungle Safari

We conducted a movie watching session of the award winning movie ‘Jungle Safari’. The children enjoyed the movie very much. It was pleasing to watch children enjoy how the animals saved the jungle from destroying. The sound effects made the movie a more entertaining for the children and children felt the aroma of wildlife in the space.

Workshop/Professional Development Programme for Students

Puppet Show

Summer season brings new vibrance and happiness in the surrounding. To beat the heat and enjoy every day to its fullest, we at Salwan Public school, Mayur Vihar conducted a puppet show and a magic show session in which children enjoyed a lot. The folklore of India was exposed to them and the children expressed their happiness by dancing on the tunes of the song.

Cycle Trip to Agra

Cycling is an important aspect of outdoor adventure sports curriculum of our institution. A two 2-day Cycle Rally was organized, wherein 30 students under the able guidance of the physical instructors peddled from Delhi to Agra, from 23th Jan to 24th Jan 2017 covering, a distance of almost 250kms. It was a historic moment for the school cycling club to go beyond themselves with great courage, and successfully complete their first step towards the awareness of how much their body can achieve with a calm mind. It was a challenging experience wherein the main objective was to inculcate a spirit of adventure/courage and test the physical/mental strength of the students. The cycling club doesn’t want to look back and are excited to move further.


It is in our power to raise ourselves by Karma. And we believe that we can impact the society through our Karma. We have the power to help a child find a grand passion in life, to ask the critical questions and to live with compassion and integrity. Therefore, Community Development Programmes have become an integral part of our ‘ETHOS’ to engage our students in a culture of caring and sharing….culture of inquiry and ask why this and why, not that…… to seek Knowledge through ‘empathy and right action’, be it attending spiritual workshops of His Holiness Dalai Lama or raising of funds by students through selling artifacts at Teacher’s Sports Day or saving money in piggy banks for needy. They donated the funds raised to schools for underprivileged children. Our students of class XII re-defined the farewell ceremony and decided to serve the students of a neighbouring school for economically weak children. Keeping the continuity alive, our students and staff undertook the repair of the National Blind Youth Association Hostel an initiative to help the community at large through our KARMA (Duty) to ' give back' to the society. A team of teacher volunteers, students of classes X-XII and support staff visited the site and found that the building was in a deplorable state and there was an urgent need of repair of the building so that it becomes sustainable to live and breathe in. The team and the support staff cleaned the kitchen, dormitories, toilets, terrace, balconies, lawn, and stairs. The ‘Team’ completed the task whole-heartedly and face-lift the entire campus rather than mere touch –ups on the building. The entire building was repaired and painted along with the installation of new wooden racks and almirahs in Kitchen, dining area and dormitories. Tha's what we call investing in value education, to be inspirational, to prepare the students to shine not just at exams but also in life….to take teaching beyond the confines of the classroom, to purify our mind by selfless work.


Our institution organized a CBSE Volleyball tournament from 4th to 8th Oct. 2016 wherein 70 teams from school across Delhi participated under various categories. The main aim was to set a benchmark from young sports leaders, to showcase their grit, power and determination. Further doping and age verification tests were carried out to encourage fair play.

Platinum Jubilee Celebration of Salwan Education Trust

As part of Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of Salwan Education Trust, formal prayer meetings of various faiths were organized. Taking forward the spirit of secularism, ‘Gurpurab’--the Prakash Utsav of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was celebrated on Friday, 11th November 2016 in our School premises. The students from classes I – XII recited shabads and participated in all the Gurpurab festivities organized in the school. This was followed by an array of soul rendering hymns in praise of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji by Ragi, Bhai Jasbir Singh ji, from Ponta Sahib Gurudwara. The auspicious day culminated with the distribution of Kadaah Prasad and serving of Guru ka Langar. To continue with the fervor of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, Christmas was celebrated on 23rd Dec. 2016 in the school premises to mark the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Rev. Bishop Collins graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The students sang carols and performed a Nativity Play.


The 22nd edition of Salwan Cross Country Run, 2016 was organized at Army Equestrian Centre, Brar Square on Sunday the 6th Nov.2016 wherein over 52,000 students including 2500 visually impaired and intellectually challenged students from all across India participated under various categories. The aim was to reach out to the student community at large and inspire them through the inspirational power of running, to re-unite the student community through sports and integrate the visually impaired/intellectually challenged children with the mainstream.

“Weather Forecasting and Satellite Observation through Super Computer -NCMRWF ”

A visit to NCMWRF was organized by computer department for the students of classes IX to XI. About 53 students along with computer faculty visited the same. National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF), NOIDA is a center of excellence in weather and climate modeling under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India. On the occasion of the foundation day of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, NCMRWF is organizing an exhibition during 28 July – 03August 2016. The exhibition mainly focused on the advance technology used for weather prediction viz. Mathematical Models of Weather, Satellite Observations, and Super Computer etc. (through poster presentations, short documentary film and interaction with the scientists.) Light refreshment and memento had been arranged for the attendees

National Pollution Prevention Rally

A rally within school & nearby residential areas was organized by the primary students of class 4 & 5 along with the students of Eco club on 5th Dec 2016. The students prepared various attractive & informative banners for the rally showing their creative and artistic talent. The aim was to sensitize the students as well as the public about the needs and ways of preventing pollution. The students first took the pledge to sensitize others and themselves to reduce pollution for improving their environment and then took the rally in nearby SFS (PKT C & D) colony. They were encouraged and cheered by the residents. Some of the students also enlightened about the National Pollution Day and its importance. The students participated actively and enthusiastically in the rally and pledge to make effects to reduce pollution to make earth a better place to live in.

“Professional Training at Microsoft –Gurgaon”

A visit cum lecture was organized in Microsoft India Cyber City Gurgaon. Microsoft Corporation India is one of the fastest growing subsidiaries of Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software, services, and solutions. The resource person Mr. BhupinderNayyer from Microsoft discussed about the Windows Phone Store features which havemore than 300,000 apps and games. He further informed thathundreds more features are added every day.The students of classes IX, X and XI participated in this fun filled session .


As part of the eco club initiative, a rally, on ‘SAY NO TO CRACKERS’ was carried out by the students to sensitize the students about the growing menace of air pollution and its health hazards. The students carried out the rally by holding placards with slogans like Say No to Crackers, Boycott Chinese goods, use Indian goods with the purpose to spread the message of celebrating eco-friendly Diwali by decorating their homes with flowers, rangoli and lighting only potters made earthen diyas and candles.

“Google’s Webranger 2016”

In an effort to promote a safer Internet experience for young users across the country, Google India organized a workshop Google “web ranger” at Mount Abu School, Rohini Sector -5. As part of the India Digital Literacy and Internet Safety Campaign, Web Rangers aims to empower teens to promote the safe use of the Internet among peers.2 Teachers along with 2 students participated in the workshop. It was an enriching experience for students as well as faculty.


The SET workshop on Multiple Intelligence was conducted on 25th May 2016 in Multipurpose Hall at SPS, Rajinder Nagar. The resource person, Ms. Dolveen Bhatti started the session with the discussion on the need of workshop and different styles of learning and emphasized that all three of them-Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic should be included in our classroom teaching. The session progressed with types of intelligence found in a person given by Howard Gardener and emphasized that we should cater the children of different intelligence types in our classroom teaching. It was followed by different fun games and activities and a lesson plan was prepared by each group to assess their understanding of the topic addressed. It was an informative, educative and interesting workshop which will help us in planning our lesson plan to cater to the needs of children with multiple Intelligence.


As part Eco club initiative, (Kids for Tigers) KFT Teacher’s Environmental workshop was organized at IIC, on 27th July 2016 wherein in the inaugural address, Ms. Aarti Verma showed an audiovisual BACK TO NATURE to explain the need to save tiger to maintain balance in nature. The video also emphasized that children should stop thinking negatively about animals and need to connect with nature and love them as its integral part. The film also showed tigers and other animals in captivity in zoos, circuses, enclosures, theme parks etc, and how their body parts are used for illegal trading. The workshop also enlightened students on the History of Conservation in India by Mr. Bikram Gerwal for the early Vedas to Mauryan and Mughal emperor to the East India company till present day times. Overall, it was an enriching thought provoking and wholesome learning experience and motivated all teachers to work actively to sensitize children to love nature and animals to bring about action and change for future generations.


The special unit for women and children of Delhi Police conducted a special session in our school to educate students about cybercrime-The ‘Go to School Initiative- Protecting Children on the Internet’ seeks to educate students about do’s and don’ts while using the internet. A majority of cyber cases go unreported as children fear telling it to others while some fail to understand that someone is misusing their profiles on social media. Due to this, a significant number of children end up being a vulnerable target,” said Mr.Lungphu, Sub Inspector Special Police Unit for Women and Children (SPUWAC).During the sessions, talk that include lessons on cyber safety while using social networking sites was discussed with the children. The students were also provided with information about different helpline numbers that they can dial when in trouble. The sessions also helped in creating a bond between children and police officials.


The exhibition ‘The joy of learning based on Early Childhood Education philosophy of Loris Malaguzzi, Reggio Emilia, Italy was held from 16th Dec. to 30th Dec 2016 at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Mansingh Road, New Delhi. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Lorenzo Angeloni (His Excellency, the Ambassador of Italy) and Mr. Harpal Singh (Chairman Emeritus- Fortis) who appreciated the unstinted efforts put in by the institution to channelize quality educational techniques and beliefs to facilitate all round growth of children for effective learning process. At the root of this exhibition, lies a strong interdisciplinary and intercultural concept of technology, knowledge and learning that guarantees equal rights of expression and listening to head, heart and hands. The exhibition was witnessed by over 24000 educationists, teachers and parents across India. A two day conference was also conducted wherein Ms. Marina Castagnetti, pedagogist from Reggio Children, Italy shared her views on the new dimensions of early childhood education.


In order to commemorate the birth anniversary of a great teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna, Teacher’s Day celebration was organized on 05th September 2016 at ICCR Bhawan, Delhi. The faculty presented the Sand Art display followed by the folk songs and dances of India. The cultural events put up by students and teachers was appreciated by the distinguished guests and parents. The teachers were also awarded for their contribution towards excellent CBSE results for the session 206-17.


Our institution in association with Encyclopedia Britannica organized the first Inter-School Britannica “Know For Sure” Salwan Open Quiz competition during the month of February. Mr. Vikas Sharma renowned quiz master Head of Marketing and Communications, Encyclopedia Britannica, hosted the quiz which was witnessed by students and teachers of the school across Delhi. Six teams (classes VI -VIII) were shortlisted based on a written test to face each other in an exciting and interactive live quiz. The teams which made it to the final round were Convent of Jesus and Mary, DPS, R.K Puram, Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Sr. Sec. School, National Victor School, Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar-3, Evergreen Public School. The team from the convent of Jesus and Mary bagged the first prize.


In our endeavor to learn from the masters’, a leadership talk for the students was organized wherein NASA Engineer Dr. Heather Paul shared amazing developments in science, technology and engineering that underpins the aerospace industry and the efforts of NASA to manage both human and robotic missions to space. Students learned about the life support designs for next generation space suits that astronauts will wear as they explore places such as the Moon, Mars, or an asteroid. In her presentation, Dr. Paul shared about the rigorous training that an astronaut undergoes and highlighted the importance of teamwork for a successful space mission. It was an inspirational and mind expanding experience for the students which ignited passion and the potential of career opportunities in the sciences and engineering.


Students of today are the visionaries and torch bearers of tomorrow; school is trying to develop the responsible human beings with leadership qualities, a grand Investiture Ceremony for the Students Council 2016-17 was held on May 13, 2016 at Salwan Public School, Mayur Vihar This was the most awaited event for the students. Their responsibilities were towards the maintenance of utmost discipline in the school and to assist teachers in their pursuit of excellence

The Chief Guest Rt. Commander Ashok Kumar Dua pinned badges and administered oath to the newly elected leaders of Students Council Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary, who were elected through voting system.


Good Habits & Manners are very important, it teaches us how to behave in different occasions of life. To inculcate good manners, Show and Tell Competition was organized for K.G classes. Students talked about various good manners and good habits which they should develop among themselves to build a good character. They talked about good table manners, uses of three magic words and how to take care of cleanliness of their body. They used different props to support their topics. This competition helped boost their self-confidence and gave them a chance to overcome stage fear.


To encourage good eating habits K.G. students took part in fruit-chat making activity. Children brought uncut fruits for the same. Under her guidance and supervision, children mixed the fruits, chat masala and few drops of lemon juice and prepared yummy fruit chat. Later ,they distributed the chat among themselves and enjoyed the treat. It was a group activity. They learnt to help each other, engage in equal distribution, sharing and caring. They were happy to participate in this activity and develop confidence in preparing fireless cooking recipes.


Red is the warmest of all colours. It symbolizes love, life and vitality. Red is also the related to this colour.Nursery students dressed in red coloured dress and took part in the show and tell Activity. They brought their favourite things in red colour and spoke few lines on it. Students were excited to show their red coloured belongings. This activity helped to build concept of the topic and children learnt through fun filled activity. colour of power and courage. The children enjoyed the day by doing fun activities


The Children celebrated Baisakhi with great zeal and enthusiasm. Teachers explained to the children the importance of harvest festival.Baisakhi being not only a harvest festival it is also an auspicious day when Guru Gobind Singh established the 'Khalsa Panth'. Students came in traditional Punjabi attire enjoyed dance with Punjabi beats and shared popcorn with their peer group.Schools had a great role and responsibility of making children aware of their tradition and culture.


Story telling through puppets is always fun for kids. A puppet show was organized for Nursery and K.G students in first week the of the new session (2016-17). Puppeteers narrated story about friendship through animal puppets. Children thoroughly enjoyed watching the story unfold before them. Puppeteers also presented a musical dance show of puppets. Children had the pleasure of watching and being involved with the enthralling puppet show. They went home with having learnt some valuable lessons through the show.


The beginning of the session is an important time for knowing our students, and helping them get comfortable in their new environment and with one another. The new session had begun on 1st April 2016 . The day began with the Ganesha Puja where Nursery children participated, followed by the distribution of sweets, chocolates and toffees by the educators. A soothing atmosphere was created fostering smooth transitions, positive informal encounters, and social interactions among the new children and society within the classroom and the school. Furthermore the surprise visit of Chota Bheem to classes made the children more amused. The First three days were light and passed in knowing each other. Third day, children were given balloons to kindle the memories of one more year of their early childhood lives. The unceasing energy, the giggles, the innocence, the honesty and the curiosity of our children is what made our school a special place to be.

29th March 2016

Early Childhood Department conducted an orientation programme for the parents of class Nursery on 29th March ’16.The programme was organized to give an insight to the parents about the curriculum and teaching methodology followed in school during the academic year.

The speaker of the day, Ms Simmi Srivastava, founder and director of ‘Kathashala’ focussed on how story telling is a wonderful medium to educate our next generation .She emphasized that story telling is a tool for teachers and parents to understand the mind and context of a child and relate to each learner’s personalized needs.

Workshop by Ven Kendro - 23rd January 2016

On 23rd January 2016, Salwan Public School MV-III organized a workshop on ‘Peaceful living, happiness and Values of Humanism’. Ven. Sangye Khadro (Kathleen McDonald), a senior American nun practicing Buddhism was the guest speaker for the day.

She narrated herearly childhood experiences that drew her towards Buddhism and directed her to embrace the chosen path for life. She expanded on the significance of two attributes- kindness and gratitude, to attain true happiness in one’s life.The talk was followed by a brief Meditation and the Question –Answer session.

SET Workshop for Montessori Faculty - 8th January

A SET workshop was organized by Salwan Montessori School Gurgaon at Multipurpose Hall in SMS Rajender Nagar.  The workshop started with the Introduction by Ms. Kiran Kapoor, the Coordinator of SMS Rajender Nagar. The first session was on “Celebrating your Genius” related to developing multiple intelligences by Moushumi Bose, Head, Salwan Montessori School,Gurgaon. After that there was a session by Ms. Simi Srivastava, Master Storyteller and Founder Director of Kathashala, the talk was all about creating a Magic of Reading. Lastly a demo session of a day was given by SMS Gurgaon followed by a short test to ascertain participants learning outcome. The workshop concluded with a thank you note by Ms. Jaswinder Kaur, Coordinator GD SMS Rajender Nagar.

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