Messages From Desk

Chairman's Message

The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stones…. it ended because people invented alternate tools made of bronze and iron…the people innovated!!

I believe it is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent that survives….. it is one that is most adaptable to change. So be inventive….you might fail, but get started. Think big…..but don’t hesitate to start small. The youth need to realize from an early age that the world pays off on results, not on efforts. The era of ‘average performance’ is over!!

To sustain the momentum of the inevitable change, we must look hard at school’s competitive and collaborative situation, technological trends and far-reaching trends in education, globally. We can prosper only based on brainpower; properly prepared and properly applied brainpower.

I say to be ‘innovative’… remaining focused and leading change to boost the quality education. Our institution is a knowledge centre, a crucible of critical, creative thinking and active self -directed learning, where staff and students continually challenge assumptions, ask good questions, learn from past experiences and study the best practices globally and adapt them locally.

Shri. Bharat Salhotra

Director's Message

Today on the threshold of globalization, we have an enormous challenge ahead of us; the challenge to provide meaningful education for young children that is compatible with their minds. I’m convinced that in this era of constrained resources, we have to drive financial reforms and fuel school improvement. ‘The penny saved solutions and centralization of systems’ prepare our institution to succeed at the core work of teaching, learning and better co-curricular activities. It is for each of us to make an active choice for our children as childhood years are vital to our total existence. Children who will be molded by the choices we make. It is an awesome power we hold in our hands, as adults, as teachers, and as parents. So, the stronger the start, the better the finish.

Keeping the vision statement in mind-“EMPOWERING THROUGH LEARNING”…the school is empowering the students and teachers, in turn, is empowering the society through various educational programmes. Over a hundred trained and motivated teachers at Salwan School are not only accomplished leaders in the field of Education for their thinking processes but also mold the way Leadership ought to be practiced. They bring their expertise and passions directly into the classrooms. The students are guided under innovative learning spaces that link them with the world outside…. where they not only explore the expanding horizons of technology but also get sensitized to environmental concerns, feelings of nationalism, communal harmony and empowerment of the socially disadvantaged.

Brig (Dr) AK Tyagi (Retd)

Principal's Message

“ The very essence of education is the concentration of mind” – Swami Vivekananda
Education is the foundation of progress in every society and the quality of education imparted is what dictates its growth. School plays a significant role in shaping the future of next generations. It inspires students to be curious about the world they live in,as well as, enables them to discover their strengths, identify their inherent talents and reach their innate potential.

At Salwan Public School, we believe in creating a holistic, experiential, and student-centric educational system. Keeping in with the adage, ‘Learning is more than acquiring facts, it is acquiring understanding’, we ensure that each day is a new and comprehensive learning experience for our students.
Children are born explorers. When they are young, all they want is to push boundaries and explore the limits of what they can do and achieve. At Salwan, our goal is to ensure that each student becomes a critical thinker, problem-solver, diligent researcher, and an inspirational leader of tomorrow.
Besides academic excellence, Salwanians are nurtured to be socially responsible, morally strong, and ethically upright. Tradition, values, and pride for the nation are the guiding principles on which rests our core strength. We teach them to value experiences and not material possessions. These values are meant to serve as a moral compass for our children, preparing them to face the challenges in life boldly and gain valued outcomes such as their personal and professional growth.
Over the last quarter of a century, the school has grown in size and strength. It has surpassed its own benchmarks by nurturing pioneers, and has fostered an environment for students to achieve trailblazing targets. With the continued support and cooperation of parents and every member of the Salwan fraternity, I am confident that we will continue to strive higher, achieve our goals, and work in unison towards a common vision – SERVICE BEFORE SELF.

Capt. Richa Sharma Katyal (Retd.)