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“Educational Trip to Bharatpur and Agra”


Educational trip to Bharatpur bird sanctuary and Agra was organised on 10th and 11th December, 2016 for students of the classes 4 and 5. Visit to the Bharatpur sanctuary, Rajasthan was planned to give them insight into various types of migratory birds found there and to provide rare opportunity to find and study their characteristic features like food, native place, best time for migration etc. The students next day also visited the historical monuments of Agra like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort to enrich their knowlegde about these world heritage sites and they were surprised to see the splendid architecture with perfect mix of balance and symmetry. The student really enjoyed the trip and were thankful for having been given the opportunity for insightful journey, enriching their knowledge and a great learning experience which they will remember all their life.

Visit to Chail,Himachal Pradesh for Astrophotography Workshop

Date:09th Nov-12th Nov

A visit to Chail,Himachal Pradesh for Astrophotography Workshop was organized by SPS, M.V during the month of Nov.ie 9th Nov. to 12th Nov.2016 for students from classes VI to X. The main aim and objective of the workshop is to understand the flow of the sky, its major objects, to combat light pollution constraints from planning to post, to analyze the image processing chain from photon capture to final image and to understand the relation between astronomy and astrophotography.

Visit:-Incubator Center, NSIC-TSC Complex, Okhla, New Delhi

A visit to NSIC-TSC Complex of Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises was organized by computer department for the students of class XI. About 47 students along with computer faculty visited the same. NSIC-TSC is a center of excellence in Entrepreneurship and Technical Innovation. The Ministry of MSME is committed to train youth to be employable. The main objective of the visit was development of indigenous entrepreneurship from all walks of life for developing new micro and small enterprises, enlarging the entrepreneurial base and encouraging self-employment, by providing lectures and showing working robots and various practical models. It was enriching experience for the students.


Date: June, 2016
In June 2016, few students visited Kennedy Space Centre to experience first-hand the story of how U.S Pioneered a space program that landed astronauts on moon, orbited satellites around Earth and sent probes through the solar system to explore other planets and beyond…… They visited visitor’s complex of Kennedy space centre and observed launched pads 39A and 39B from where over 130 space shuttles have roared into space. They had an open session with the famous Astronaut and a teacher Ms Barbara More
They visited rocket garden where except for the giantApollo Saturn 1B rocket,all other rockets redstone ,Atlas ere designed for millitary useand are adapted by the space progam for peaceful exploration .Saturn1 B as intended for emergency rocket during skylab pogram. They had seen Saturn V rocket which served as a Launch Vehicle for Apollo Space craft and was composed of three main parts known individually as SI C,S –II,S-IV B stages. Apart from this, they gathered information on mars rover family, eye on universe by Hubble space telescope, mercury and Gemini space programs and space shuttles.


Date: 30th May - 08th June, 2016

11 Teachers from Salwan Public School went for a 10 days Beyond Horizon Teachers Training Camp from 30th May to 8th June 2016 at Roopkund the glacial lake, at an altitude of 15,696 fts in the lap of Mount Trishul and Mount Nandgungti, in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand. They covered approx. 57 Km by trekking making their way through exotic landscapes, untouched oak forests, long stretched meadows, snowcapped mountains and the list goes on.


Date: 4th May - 09th May, 2016

A team of 22 students and 5 teachers from Salwan Public School, mayur vihar went Varanasi from 4th to 9th May, 2016.

Social Science department had initiated in collaboration with art and photography club to do an intensive study on exploring the city of Varanasi as a part of their curriculum. Besides inculcating a spirit of inquiry towards discovering the rich cultural heritage. They also interacted with scholars and did an independent study on the demography, religion and political structure.


Date: 04th - 06th August, 2015

A visit to Supreme Court museum was organized for the students of Classes XI and XII wherein they learnt about the constitution, PIL etc. They also learnt the new rules that need to be included in the constitution. They were made to draft their own ideal constitution and also what is a PIL and how a PIL is filed and why should it be filed.

They also learnt about the landmark judgments of the honorable Supreme Court of India.


Date: 6th August, 2015

A team of 40 students from class 10th accompanied by Ms. P. Maiti and Mr. VinodThakur visited a plastic factory PG Electronics in Greater Noida on 6th August,2015.

The main produce in the factory was molded plastic items made from polypropylene, a polymer. Different items such as frame , tray, tub, outer-cabinet of washing machine, refrigerator would be assembled further to manufacture the finished product. The IT section was manufacturing LED circuit. Granules of polypropylene were injected heated and later on molded to desired shapes and designs for further use. The sole aim of the visit was to motivate the students to enhance their motor skill and get exposed to the world of plastic technology.


Outdoor Photography and Sketching session was held in the month of April at National Museum, New Delhi wherein 54 students of classes VI XII participated. The students were briefed in advance on how to click and sketch live sculptures on-the-spot. Their joy knew no bounds as they clicked a large number of amazing pictures with dramatic light and shade. The students gained insight on the historical facts and stories too.



Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, National Park and the famous Ranthambore Fort are situated in the administrative districts of Sawai Madhopur and Karauli. The dry-deciduous forests of Ranthambore are spread over undulating boundaries of two major hills- the Aravalis and the Vindhyas. Ranthambore has a rich population of animals like- tiger, leopard, caracal, sambar, cheetal, spotted deer, nilgai and chinkara.


The Art Camp at Ranthambore constituted the rejuvenating Art workshops which enhanced the creativity of students. In addition to art making, students were also engaged in discussions, live demonstrations and listening to live music, traditional Rajasthani folk dance, photography at Jungle Safari and Bird watching.The Camp reinforced the importance of a creative journey.



An Adventure camp to Mcloedganj and Dharamshala was organized wherein 31 children accompanied by 3 teachers went to the base camp Bhagsunag, set against the backdrop of Dhanladhar range of mountains. The students did 3-4 kms trekking everyday over the rocky terrain, rock climbing, river crossing and rappelling etc


Date: 09th April – 13th April, 2014

An Art Camp was organized at Sattal, Distt. Nainital, wherein 16 students were engaged in art making, discussions, live demonstrations and listening to live music. This Camp reinforced the importance of a creative journey. Children learnt how to combine imagination with acquired knowledge to reach their full potential.




Date: 19th -24th May 2014

Five days’ trekking cum adventure camp to Shalot, Chail, HP was organized for Students, from IV to VIII classes. It is now evident that adventure trip has a positive impact on our children’s efficacy, persona effectiveness and coping with situations.




Date: 22nd-29th May, 2014

 An adventure camp was held at Indian Adventurous campsite, Kalath, Kullu-Manali, Himachal Pradesh
The camp served the platform for students in gaining experience in various outdoor adventure activities. They were an experience where the mind worked in total coordination with the body.
The camp was very useful for students in imparting value based education which helped students to gain wisdom to see beyond oneself, to face future challenges with grit, determination and courage.


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