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Educational Trips

National Zoological Park

A visit to National Zoological Park was organized for the students of Nursery and K.G.  They were very excited and curious to see various animals. They learnt different characteristics of animals. They all enjoyed a lot.

Nasa Trip
Four students along with a teacher visited Kennedy Space Centre of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Florida (USA) during summer vacations. The aim of the trip was to give students a firsthand experience of the various activities and provide them a forum to interact with best minds of the world. Entering the simulator and getting the feel of an astronaut in space was a lifetime experience for them. They also got the opportunity to interact with the astronauts. A visit to the top universities like Harvard and MIT was also a part of the trip. Such trips serve as the ground where children are trained for real life experiences and help foster their decision making powers, thereby enhancing their careers.



Outdoor Photography and Sketching session was held in the month of April at National Museum, New Delhi wherein 54 students of classes VI XII participated. The students were briefed in advance on how to click and sketch live sculptures on-the-spot. Their joy knew no bounds as they clicked a large number of amazing pictures with dramatic light and shade. The students gained insight on the historical facts and stories too.



Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, National Park and the famous Ranthambore Fort are situated in the administrative districts of Sawai Madhopur and Karauli. The dry-deciduous forests of Ranthambore are spread over undulating boundaries of two major hills- the Aravalis and the Vindhyas. Ranthambore has a rich population of animals like- tiger, leopard, caracal, sambar, cheetal, spotted deer, nilgai and chinkara.


The Art Camp at Ranthambore constituted the rejuvenating Art workshops which enhanced the creativity of students. In addition to art making, students were also engaged in discussions, live demonstrations and listening to live music, traditional Rajasthani folk dance, photography at Jungle Safari and Bird watching.The Camp reinforced the importance of a creative journey.



An Adventure camp to Mcloedganj and Dharamshala was organized wherein 31 children accompanied by 3 teachers went to the base camp Bhagsunag, set against the backdrop of Dhanladhar range of mountains. The students did 3-4 kms trekking everyday over the rocky terrain, rock climbing, river crossing and rappelling etc

The school sent 7 students and 2 teachers to Shanghai and Beijing in China from 11th Aug 2010 to 17th Aug 2010. This educational trip besides enriching the students knowledge beyond the confines of classrooms lectures, gave them an exposure for the first time to see the buildings and structures of various architectural styles that will define human living/ behaviour / architecture during the next decade. The aim was to achieve knowledge about better living and more sustainable urban living conditions. The parameter aims and objectives of the Tour included :
a. Blending of diverse culture in the city.
b. Economic prosperity in the city
c. Innovation of science & technology in the city.
d. Remodeling of communities.
e. Interaction between urban and rural areas.

The school sent an educational trip to Phalodi near Phokran in Rajasthan. The theme of the camp was ‘The livelihood Weaver Community’ The main focus was to understand various facets of rural life and socio - economic conditions.

A group of nine students and two teachers visited Germany for a cultural exchange program. The students and teachers visited Woldorf Schools, University of Ulm. They explored about the education system, sports and cultural programs through interactive sessions, with there counter parts. They also presented a classical dance performance before German Students and Teachers, Spreading the rich cultural heritage globally.

A trip to Phalodi (Rajasthan) was organized in the month of march,for the students of class X to give them the first hand knowledge of the village life and ‘Weaving’. The students learnt about cooperation, teamwork and a lot more in a way that was enjoyable.

The school organized a thrilling adventure cum fun camp at ‘Eco Venture Camp’ for the classes I to VIII on 9th Feb, Saturday. The camp comprised of various adventure activities which help the children in gaining confidence and developing team spirit. This was in fact an education camp which gave an opportunity to the children to see the vistas of nature and farm produce.


The children went to Singapore in September under the Cultural Exchange Program. They got an opportunity to visit different schools like Presbeterian Primary School, Whitley Secondary School and Jing Shan Primary School and also visited other tourist places like Singapore History Museum, Santosa Under Water Museum, Zoo, National Museum, NE Water Conservation Plant etc. The children also went to Mustafa mall for shopping. It was both a very informative and an enjoyable tour for the children.

Students went to Yamunotri, ‘The Dev Bhumi’ In Uttaranchal on an educational trip in association with ‘Trust for Environment and Education‘. This tour was the continuation of ‘The Yamuna Action Plan’ on which we are working since 2006 by providing knowledge to students – ‘How to save River Yamuna’. Students also visited the Tehri dam made on Virangana and Bhagrithi River.

A 10 days tour was organized to Auroville, the International Township located near Pondicherry, where alternate technologies have been adopted by the use of renewable resources .The whole journey was a highly aesthetic experience and it gave an insight to the students about how communities will live and survive 50 years hence. The trip was organized for academic learning, cultural knowledge and exploration of a unique life style through "Hands On" approach.


Disaster! How does one feel when one faces it. We read about them in books, saw on T.V but the real experience is endowed with suffering, problems, life, death, bravery. How can we see them? Few students from our school were given this opportunity to learn through experience and to get the first hand knowledge of the effects of Tsunami. A study tour was organized to see how real the disaster is, how locals and others faced and felt about it, about different relief and rehabilitation programmes and to explore and hear stories of human survival for life.


The Disaster Management Programme was organized for 3 days in which students from our school participated in the rally organized by the victims who are still fighting for justice. Students sang prayers for the well beings of the victims. The people who are suffering the aftermaths of chemical leakage were interviewed. The students got the "first hand knowledge" of the problems faced by the people living in "The Jayaprakash Colony" - the worst hit area.




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